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Outdoor advertising

Advertising outdoors is a great way to reach the masses, as it is seen by a wide variety of people who do not follow social or traditional media.

Pro tip: Invest in outdoor advertising just before the event. This makes your event visible on the street, attracts attention, creates a good atmosphere and attracts people who attend events spontaneously.

Possible outdoor advertisement channels include banners, signs, event poster boards, digital screens and buses. If necessary, media agencies can help you to identify the channels that best suit your needs. Some of the advertising media owners in Tampere are listed on the Mediani Tampere portal (in Finnish).


You can contact the City of Tampere for a space to advertise your event with a banner. Write a free-form application to the City of Tampere Facility Property Management to reserve a spot for your banner. The banners will be fixed and removed by Tampereen Vera Oy. Both the ad space and the work are subject to a fee.

Information on the installation and pricing of banners (in Finnish). For information in English, please contact the Visit Tampere Event Services team.


Various operators have large signboards that you can rent for your advertisement. They are located along streets, in shopping centres, at bus stops and stations, in car parks and on rotating pillars. Signboard companies that operate in Tampere include JCDecaux, Mediateko and ClearChannel.

Visit Tampere facilitates free outdoor ad space for event organisers around the city on the B sides of JCDecaux Abribus poster surfaces. The ad space is available to event operators who promote free-of-charge events with programmes intended for everyone. The promotion of commercial events and the use of logos are subject to detailed regulations based on the agreement between the City of Tampere and JCDecaux.

Due to high demand and a limited number of poster surfaces, advertisement space cannot be granted to every applicant. Each event organiser is responsible for the costs of designing and printing their own posters.

At the moment, the applications for poster surfaces for each year must be submitted at the beginning of October of the previous year. More information is available on the Visit Tampere Abribus page (in Finnish) or by contacting Visit Tampere directly.

Event poster boards

There is a total of ten event poster boards around the centre of Tampere. The boards are available free of charge, and they are official poster boards provided by the City of Tampere. Attaching posters or other advertisements elsewhere is not permitted.

Click here for a map of the event poster boards in Tampere.

Digital and media screens

In addition to boards reserved for printed posters, there are digital screens in Tampere for displaying digital marketing materials. The advantage of these screens is that the event provider will avoid paying for the printing of materials, and many of the screens also permit the use of video or film in the ads.

Currently, Visit Tampere facilitates free ad space on three media screens in Tampere. The screens are intended for the presentation of the event; third party marketing or ticket prices are not allowed on screen.

Applications for the Visit Tampere media screen ad space can be submitted online all year round. If the ad space is granted, the event organiser must prepare and submit the material to Visit Tampere in the required file format.

More information and the application form for media screen advertisement space are available here in Finnish. For information in English and assistance in filling out the form, please contact the Visit Tampere Event Services team.

Buses and other means of transportation

Don’t forget about buses when planning outdoor advertisement for your event! It is possible to place an ad on the outside of a bus. Most commonly, the advertisement covers a part of the side of a bus; however, nearly the whole rear of a bus can be wrapped. Even 3D elements can be used.

Please contact the CEO of Tampere City Transport (TKL) or Visit Tampere for information on ad spaces on buses.

Other, less common means of transportation that offer outdoor advertisement space include taxis, city trains, bicycles and promotional cars. At the time of writing, confirmed information on the possibility of advertising on the future tramway system in Tampere was not yet available.

Posters and flyers

Posters and flyers are popular advertisement media channels. Posters and flyers can be attached to the official event poster boards of the City of Tampere (see map of the event poster boards here) and, with permission from the relevant party, in libraries, shops, restaurants, cafés and sports and leisure facilities.

Be creative when planning where to attach your posters and flyers but bear in mind that usually, attaching a poster requires prior approval, and flyers distributed to people who are not interested in the event are wasted and may end up as litter on the street.

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