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Press, radio and television

Advertising in newspapers or magazines

An advertisement in a newspaper or magazine is a popular way of announcing events. Newspapers in particular are a quick media where you may be able to publish your ad even at a day’s notice. Free papers often reach a wide audience, but on the downside, people often only browse a few pages of them. Magazines, on the other hand, are often read more carefully but they are published less frequently. Consequently, you should think of a way of making your guests want to buy their ticket or make the decision to participate in the event weeks or even months ahead.

Some papers have a full digital edition available online, while others have a more concise web presence. The reader profile of the online version may differ from that of the printed paper, which is why it is important to find out whether it would be good to have some form of your ad on the online version as well.

Popular free and chargeable newspapers in Tampere and the surrounding region include Aamulehti, Tamperelainen, Moro, Suur-Tampere, Voima, Hervannan sanomat, Ideapark Uutiset, Kangasalan sanomat, Akaan Seutu, Lempäälän-Vesilahden Sanomat, Sydän-Hämeen lehti and Ylöjärven Uutiset.

Advertising on the radio and TV

Advertising on the radio and television are great ways to use audio and visual elements to promote an event to the general public. On the radio in particular, repetition is important. Among the key factors that determine the price of radio and TV advertisements are the number of repetitions and broadcast time; however, the cost tends to be fairly high.

In addition to a variety of national radio channels, the following operate in Tampere and the Pirkanmaa region: SUN Radio, FUN Tampere, Radio Moreeni, Radio Musa and Pispalan Radio, among others.

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