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Press release

A press release is a traditional but still often effective means of informing the media of an event. Draft the press release in the form of an article to make it easy for the media to publish it as such. It is a good idea to always include a photo or a video link in a press release.

Before writing a press release, consider who you want the text to reach and keep your target reader in mind when writing. It is important to attract the interest of the media, but the actual target group of your press release are the readers of those media channels. Consider the interests of your target reader and how you can express yourself as clearly and simply as possible.

You may draft different press releases for different media channels. A local newspaper or radio channel will be most interested in a local or regional point of view, that is, how your event is visible in Tampere or Pirkanmaa, whereas the national media prefers a wider perspective, and specialised media outlets want to cover the event form the point of view of their branch or industry. If you can capture some interesting or unusual audiovisual material of your event, the TV news may be interested in broadcasting it as a piece of lighter news at the end of the programme.

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