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Notification of noise

If the noise from the event causes extreme disturbance, such as in the case of motor sports or outdoor concerts and festivals that end after 10pm, the organiser must submit a notification of noise to the City of Tampere Environmental Protection Unit at least 30 days in advance of the event, and the activity that causes the noise may only start 30 days after submitting the notification or at the time specified in the decision on the notification of noise.

The decision on the notification of noise is subject to a fee. The decision lays down the rules for the information, time limits for the activity, threshold values for and measurement of the noise that the event organiser must procure from an external expert at its own cost. If you are planning a night-time event (between 10pm and midnight) for the first time, get in touch with the Environmental Protection Unit at an early stage to avoid any unpleasant surprises. Generally, permits for using PA systems outdoors after midnight are not granted.

Remember to book the noise measurement service in good time – an expert is hard to find at short notice for a weekend in the summer.


For assistance in filling out any forms in Finnish, please contact the Visit Tampere Event Services team.

Information on the notification of noise and a link to the notification form (in Finnish)

Exceptions to the requirement of submitting a notification of noise

In most cases, an event that takes place between 7am and 10pm is not required to submit a notification of noise. However, sufficient noise control and provision of information to the people living in the neighbourhood is always required.

Noise control

Always inform the people who live nearby and other affected people or organisations about an event that causes noise or some other kind of disturbance, and take anything into account that may be particularly sensitive to noise, such as hospitals and institutions, schools or churches. A prolonged use of a PA system is prohibited in the vicinity of particularly sensitive objects.

Use fixed structures or the shape of the terrain to contain the noise within the venue, adjust the volume to an appropriate level and place loudspeakers in such a manner that allows controlling and containing the noise within the venue as much as possible.

“When in doubt, contact us during the planning phase of your event” – City of Tampere Environmental Protection Unit


For assistance in filling out any forms in Finnish, please contact the Visit Tampere Event Services team.


Music licence

A music licence is required for every event in which copyrighted music, whether live or recorded, is played (incl. karaoke). The licence must be obtained before the event.

To play music to a live audience at an event, you’ll need an event licence from the Finnish copyright organisations Teosto and Gramex. Contact Teosto for the licence in good time to obtain it before the first event it covers takes place.

The event licence is required regardless of whether the event is free of charge or one with an entrance fee; even events that companies organise for their employees or customers must have a music licence.

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