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Notice of a public event

The organiser must notify the police of a public event. The notice can be submitted online or using a paper form. The notice must be submitted to the local police department of the city or municipality where the event is taking place. We recommend submitting the notice at least a month in advance. The instructions for submitting the notice usually state the notice period of five days stipulated in the Assembly Act; however, this is too short notice, particularly in the summer. We recommend submitting the notice as early as possible. In the case of major events, we recommend making initial contact with the police at least six months before the event. This will give you sufficient time to prepare for the safety of the event and for the permit and licence process.

“The earlier you submit the notice, the better. It is not unusual for notices to pile up, particularly in the summer.” – Central Finland Police Department

Exceptions to the requirement of submitting a notice for a public event

A notification is not required in the case of small public events that do not require any measures to ensure public order and security or any special traffic arrangements, due to the nature and the venue of the event or the small number of people attending. Examples of such events include regular film, theatre and opera performances or concerts either indoors or outdoors that do not require security stewards to be hired. If you are unsure of whether you should submit a notice of a public event, please contact the licence department at the police or Visit Tampere.

Be sure to check the guidelines for organising a public event published by the police in June 2016.

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