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Permit to place event signage along streets and roads

The legislation covering the placement of roadside signs along roads maintained by the state (in Tampere, roads 3, 9, 12 and 65) was updated on 24 August 2016. As a result, it is no longer necessary to apply for a permit for temporary signage.

The provisions of the regulation of the Finnish Transport Agency on roadside advertisement and publicity, available here in Finnish, must be adhered to when designing and placing signs on the roadside. The party placing the signs or advertisements is responsible for reading and understanding the regulations.

To summarise the guidelines, temporary signage must be clearly different from official traffic signs. The signs must not be placed at intersections, within a distance of 100 metres from an intersection, within the security distance of traffic signs or along motorways or the so-called semi-motorways. They must not be attached to traffic signs or other structures except for lamp posts where it is permitted to attach signs, if it can be done without damaging the post. The signs must be removed within a week of the end of the event.

For further information, please contact the Visit Tampere Event Services team.

A permit must always be obtained for event signs placed within the area of the City of Tampere’s street grid. The permits are granted by the City of Tampere Real Estate Department. Submit a free-form application in good time as the processing time is at least three weeks.

Major approach roads to the city maintained by the City of Tampere include Hervannan valtaväylä and parts of Teiskontie (west of the Kekkosentie intersection) and Lempääläntie (north of Kuokkamaantie and south of Lahdenperänkatu).

On private roads, the owner of the road grants the permit.

Signs must not be attached to traffic signposts or within sight distance of an intersection or vehicle stopping distance of a pedestrian crossing, traffic lights or an intersecting road (as indicated in this table in Finnish, where the upper row of numbers refers to speed limit in km/h and lower row to the stopping distance in metres).

As for advertisements, the City recommends using the dedicated advertisement spaces. Visit Tampere provides free ad space for event organisers. For more information and contact info, click here.

For further information and assistance in filling out any application forms in Finnish, please contact the Tampere event services.

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