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Setting up the event

Setting up your event involves making sure that electricity, water, plumbing and all the necessary structures are available.


Most events require electricity on site. When booking a venue for an event, check the availability of electricity with the lessor of the venue; this is particularly important in the case of outdoor events.

Most marketplaces and parks owned by the city feature electrical outlets that are available to the event organiser. Direct any queries regarding the use of electrical outlets to the lessor of the venue in the first place. Should electricity not be available or if the number of outlets is not sufficient, contact the customer service team of the local power company Tampereen Sähköverkko Oy for available options and a schedule for arranging a temporary mains connection. In particularly difficult conditions, you can also consider using a generator instead of or in addition to a temporary mains connection.

Draft a list of all the operations and activities at your event that require electricity. This will help the experts to estimate your electricity needs and supply enough electricity for your event. A temporary mains connection must be ordered at least two weeks before the connection is required. Ordering it at a shorter notice will result in additional costs.

Pay extra attention to electrical safety at outdoor events. Electrical devices must be protected against rain and vandalism. Keep the cables away from walkways and driveways and cover them with cable protectors, if necessary. All electrical installations must be carried out by a qualified electrician.

Consider the electricity requirements of your event in good time to help the experts estimate your electricity needs accurately. – Markus Joonas, City of Tampere


If food or alcohol are served at your event, the venue must have a water supply. You may also want to consider selling or serving water for free at sports events and on hot summer days.

You should contact the lessor of the venue to check the availability of a water connection. Some of the public areas owned by the city do not have a water connection; while most of the marketplaces do feature a water connection, many of the parks do not. Always agree upon the use of water connections in marketplaces with their respective supervisors. Where a water connection is not available, water must be supplied in a tank, for instance, available from Tampereen Vesi and other companies.


Various kinds of structures, such as stages, tents, canopies, fences, toilets, benches and tables are needed at events. At bigger events, a stage is a must, but a stage will also give the audience more visibility at small events.

The structures must be stable enough to withstand such sudden occurrences as a heavy thunderstorm. Even though the supplier of the stage structures assembles the stage, the event organiser is responsible for making sure that all structures are stable. In the case of major events and other events with lots of structures, the approval of the structures by the building inspection authorities is required.


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