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Event site plan

Once you have booked your venue, you should draw an event site plan. The plan can be general at the start, but should be very specific by the time you deliver it to the authorities. You can make use of Tampere open maps to get started. Occasionally a satellite image is clearer than a drawn map.

Elements of the event site plan include:

  • Stages, stands, spectator areas
  • Event site borders and audience entry and exit routes, and accessible routes
  • Maintenance routes,  emergency routes, parking, closed-off streets, storage
  • Activities and services (e.g. food stalls, competition & warm-up, amusements)
  • Information / Registration / Tickets
  • First aid
  • Lost & found
  • Fire extinguisher etc.
  • Toilets, water points, waste management
  • Banners, flags, stands, other sponsor/marketing materials

This detailed site plan is given to the event production team, staff, volunteers, vendors, and authorities. A separate, simpler map is drawn for the event-goers.

Arriving and getting around

Tampere is easily accessible by train, airplane, bus and car. In fact, 2/3 Finns live within a 2-hour-distance of the city, while regular international flights are available. See our Getting there site for more information.

Thanks to the extensive local bus network, moving around the city is easy. When planning your event, consider how the visitors will arrive at the venue and whether the expected visitors will come from Tampere,  from other cities or abroad. The visitors must be informed of the means of transport available by, for example, providing information on the connections and schedules on the event web site. You can also refer your event-goers to our Getting there site.

Encourage your visitors to use public transport or to walk or bike. Using public transport, biking and walking are clearly more environmentally friendly than private cars and should therefore be promoted even when parking is available. The city does not appoint specific parking spaces or parking permits for events. Biking can be promoted by arranging a guarded bicycle parking area. Also consider arranging baby pram parking.

Use of public transport can be encouraged by, for example, including a bus ticket in the entrance ticket or arranging a shuttle bus connection between the event venue and the city centre. Talk to Tampere City Public Transport about any special arrangements and their costs.

If the nature of the event dictates a number of people arriving by car, carefully plan routes and parking. If your event takes place during a weekend or Summer, you could inquire schools and public building for temporary use of their parking premises. Ask the school administration directly for school park spaces. City-owned parking spaces fall under the jurisdiction of City of Tampere planning services and must be applied for well in advance. Limited parking inside the event site can be planned with the venue owner.  Discuss special event deals with private parking space companies. Remember to reserve a sufficient number of larger parking spots for people with disabilities. Make sure these parking spots are on flat surface and as close to entry and exit to the area as possible.

Even major city constructions sites may be arranged to work around a major event, provided the event organiser contacts the relevant parties very early on.


Provide enough toilet facilities for your staff, participants and audience. Most indoor venues feature sufficient toilet facilities, but when needed, they can be supplemented by portable toilets or toilets in nearby facilities. In many outdoor venues, there are no toilet facilities, and all toilets must be transported to the area.

Read more about toilet facilities and capacities.

Alcohol dispensing area

If you serve alcohol at your event, Finnish law dictates that the alcohol dispensing area must be separated clearly from other areas (typically by fences). The area may be located in such a way that watching the programme is possible from there. The area may, however, not be placed in front of the stage or in the way of exit routes. Since a new alcohol act has come into effect in 2018, it is now, under certain circumstances, possible to dispense alcohol throughout the event site, provided the entire site is restricted to over 18.

One square metre of area must be provided for each customer allowed in the area. The entrance to the alcohol dispensing area must be placed in such a way that a possible queue does not prevent the movement of other visitors. The queue to the dispensing point may be separated from the exit route by means of a fence, for example, to avoid disturbances.


Finnish legislation restricts smoking at event venues.

At outdoor venues, smoking is prohibited in spectator stands, bleachers, marquees, and other areas dedicated to watching the programme where people typically sit or stand still.

A separate smoking area may be designated, as long as the smoke doesn’t carry indoors or to areas where smoking is prohibited. The event organiser must indicate the smoking area with signs, and supervise compliance; e.g. by instructing the security stewards to monitor the situation.

At indoor venues, all smoking is prohibited, except for previously approved restricted areas. The prohibition also applies to other smoking, e.g. electronic cigarettes and hookas.



The Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency recommends always planning separate routes for animals. Confining animals to their own routes and areas promotes better hygiene, alleviates allergies, an promotes safety.

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