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Event Services is ready for action! We aim to make Tampere the best place on earth for all kinds of events. If you have a great idea, a solid concept or an existing event, we will offer you advice and support.

Major events and other major things:

Perttu Pesä
Director, Major Events
City of Tampere
perttu.pesa (at) tampere (dot) fi
Tel. +358 50 587 6200

Questions about organizing events:

Marko Stenström
Event Specialist
City of Tampere
marko.stenstrom (at) tampere (dot) fi
Tel. +358 50 579 9226

Matilda Salminen
Event Producer
City of Tampere
matilda.salminen (at) tampere (dot) fi
Tel. +358 40 586 6453

And if you don’t know who to call:

Heidi Korkeamäki
City of Tampere
heidi.korkeamaki (at) tampere (dot) fi
Tel. +358 40 485 3143

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