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Visit Tampere markets the Tampere Region nationally and internationally; we also produce marketing materials that you can use to make our region known. We provide your company our expertise and current information about tourism – as well as several ways to be seen where we make Tampere known. We also welcome media representatives and social media influencers to Tampere; we will help arrange visits when the region’s travel gems are in search.

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Sari Mäkelä

Senior Specialist

I’m in charge of communications at Visit Tampere. Our communications strategy and implementing it in our everyday work on our website and social media channels is my resposibility.

Why Tampere?

I started studying here almost two decades ago. Tampere felt like home right from the start. The city has become a way of life. Tampere <3

Laura Vanzo


Turo Leppänen


I’m responsible for the development and digitalization of the tourist information, German contents, various maps and brochures as well as the customer service functionality.

Why Tampere?

Tampere offers all advantages of a big city in a conveniently compact package. That’s why Tampere.

Jenika Kervinen


Heli Jokela


I’m a marketing multitasker, and also responsible for the Visit Tampere Partners Network during Noora Heino’s maternity leave.

Why Tampere?

My beloved home city is a mix of intriguing past, eventful present and head-spinning plans for the future.

Olga Javits


Karoliina Lehtonen

Head of Marketing and Communications

Head of Marketing and Communications.