Partnership - Visit Tampere

Visit Tampere Partners Network

More visibility

The aim of the Visit Tampere Parners Network is to increase the visibility and attractiviness of Tampere.

Partners’ annual fee includes:

  • Visibility on the website
  • Visibility on service:
    • 3 programs in the activity section and
    • 3 meeting rooms located at different addresses
  • Media and social media influencers visits

    • Visit Tampere selects the sites and businesses primarily among the partners of the network

More encounters

The Visit Tampere Partners Network aims to encrease co-operation between the partner companies.

Partners’ annual fee includes various encounters:

  • Networking
  • Planning for joint marketing
    • Domestic market
    • The Asian market
    • The German market
    • The Russian market
  • Congress and meeting market
  • Annual “Visit Festival” event
  • Utilizing the Tampere Ambassador network in product testing or looking for a partner

More customers

The Visit Tampere Partners Network promotes the internationalization of Tampere tourism and event services. Network partners are brought together with travel, congress and event organizers doing both domestic and international trade.

Partners’ annual fee includes various encounters to promote internationalization:

  • Pitching opportunity
  • Visits for tour operators
    • Visit Tampere will select the sites and businesses primarily among the partners of the network
  • Customer meetings for congress and event organizers
  • Selling tools
  • Market Information

Annual fee

The companies involved in the network pay an annual fee, which is determined by the company’s turnover.

under 500,000 €450 €
over 500,000 €850 €
over 1 million €2100 €
over 3 million €2800 €
over 5 million €4100 €
over 7,5 million €6500 €


Associations pay an annual fee of € 450. Representatives of local municipalities can participate in the Visit Tampere Partners Network free of charge.

Visit Tampere concludes agreements with partners for an indefinite period. The notice period is three months before the beginning of the following year.