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What's it all about?

Reinvent. Tampere. is a storytelling campaign by Visit Tampere and Business Tampere.



Who is it for?


For those who have interesting stories to tell, and for those who want to be inspired by fascinating stories.



Why are we doing it?


We aim to inspire and encourage you to live a courageous and fulfilling life.


We want to celebrate our amazing community and give voice to the people of Tampere.  


Now you can look at Tampere from a different angle beyond what’s written in guide books.



How does it work?


We collect and share curated personal stories through this website and our social media.


Do you have a fascinating Tampere story to tell?


Use #reinventTampere hashtag to share it on social media.


Want you story published on this website? Click here for more information.



What does Reinvent.Tampere. mean?


Tampere has a history of reinventing itself. The city has always found new ways forward, rewriting its mission along the way. Even in difficult times, people have counted on the community and their support for bold decisions and creative thinking.


Tampere is a trusted place where you can safely reinvent yourself, your business, your way of life – to come together as a community to thrive.