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Like a metropolis,
but more laid-back 

”Tampere is exactly the right size.” This is something our visitors notice time after time. Tampere connects city vibes with calming mental landscape. The harmony of contrasts gives Tampere its unique rhythm that visitors and people born or new in Tampere can sense. There is space for everybody and something is constantly going on. In Tampere you can have a wild adventure, get surprised when exploring the city, or enjoy good food and cultural events in a relaxing atmosphere. The rhythm in Tampere is easy and everybody can catch it. It is something you can feel under your feet and sing along. 



Tampere is filled with adventures. You can easily fill your holiday with fun events and excitement, or just go with the flow. There is something to do from dawn till dusk. 

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The constantly changing city is a real treasure trove. Explore nature, museums, events or simply the streets in Tampere and get surprised.  

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Tampere has sauna culture, food culture and various cultural events for different tastes on offer. Numerous public saunas, restaurants, hotels and places to unwind outdoors make every day of your vacation special.

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Tampere for explorers:
From Kaupinoja to Market Hall

Try some unique tastes and experiences, and get inspiration in Tampere. New companies are a charming addition to our traditional  boutiques, quarters and restaurants. Museums attract visitors with Moomin figures, device used by spies, and games like the retro Snake. 

Our local culture has always been diverse, and there is something surprisingly new under the surface of local traditions.


Tampere for adventurers:
Rapid rides and roof walks

Tampere vibe means joy, excitement and speed. The amusement park, sport adventures and night life offer something to see and do for everybody. If it happens to rain, you can be active indoors. Meet like-minded people in big events or in small circles, and experience unforgettable adventures in the air, in water or on the ground.

Tampere for culture lovers:
Nourish your body and soul

Tampere has a wide assortment of things to enjoy. Food, hotel and event culture of the vibrant, growing city has been able to preserve its exceptional charm. Local delicacies are easy to find both at the farmers’ markets and finer restaurants. Classics remain, but in addition, there are more and more interesting alternatives for relaxation, enjoyment and socializing.


Hop on and take a test drive!

Tampere Tramway’s trial traffic is on! The official tramway traffic starts on August 9th, 2021. 

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Fun with the family!

Tampere is the dream destination for families. Särkänniemi Adventure Park, playgrounds, activities and fun museums guarantee a fun holiday for the whole family. Child-friendly hotels and restaurants will make your vacation even more perfect. And don’t forget the spas, Tampere outdoor swimming pool, beaches and saunas!


Bring a friend!

Everything is more fun when you have great company! Whether you want to enjoy a peaceful get-together or party your hats off – Tampere is the place to be. Conquer the landmarks of Tampere, do some shopping or explore the city with e-scooters. Visit the public saunas of the Sauna Capital of the World, take a roofwalk, or enjoy the relaxed fine dining restaurants of the city. Unforgettable memories wait for you! 

Book your holiday activities, accommodation and more with few clicks!

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