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Ahlman Vocational and Adult College

Ahlman is a private college that has been financed by the Ahlman School Foundation since 1949. In its over 100 years of history the college has developed to meet the schooling needs of our developing society but Gabriel Ahlman’s wishes have still been upheld.

Ahlman combines long traditions and developing new in an unique way. Learning, growing and developing are the main values at Ahlman. They also value retaining finnish native breeds, local foods, authentic flavours, sustainable development and local small businessmen.

Modern day Ahlman is also well known for notable development of rural business activities, promoting local produce and as one of the country’s leading farm relief worker educators.

Ahlman Vocational and Adult College offers education for Restaurant and catering industry, Tourism industry, Floristry,  Agriculture industry, Nature and Environmental based services



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Hallilantie 24, 33820 Tampere, Finland

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