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Dining 26 by Arto Rastas

Dining 26 was one of the first restaurants to bring social dining to Tampere. The dishes are modern and tapas style and they are meant to be shared around the table.  The flavours are drawn from all coasts of the Mediterranean: the European side, i.e., Spain, Italy, France, Greece, Turkey and also from North Africa and the Middle East. The menu also has a few bigger main dishes that can be ordered for one person or to share. The Menu changes according to seasons, about four times a year. No shortcuts are used in preparing the meals; everything is made by hand with the best ingredients.

The beverage selection is also strongly influenced by the Mediterranean region, including some less traditional wine-producing countries such as Israel, Morocco and Lebanon. The wines that come from the European side are not the most traditional. They come from less known, smaller areas and most of the wines have been produced from regions own original grape clusters. For some of the menus suitable wines have been pre-selected. 

Aleksanterinkatu 26, Tampere, Suomi
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