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Kivikesku nature reserve

Kivikesku is a barren and even wilderness like lake. The kilometer-long route to the lake from Koukkujärventie road is a bit rocky and rhizome on some places, but otherwise easy to walk. In the spring and after the rains it is also advisable to wear waterproof shoes. There are two serviced campfire sites on the shore of Kivikesku. The parking lot is located along Koukkujärventie road.

The marked route passes the swampy forest and several small swamp ponds. If you notice a red-throated diver, don’t move unnecessarily in beach areas or otherwise disturb the bird.

Kivikesku is part of the Kaakkurijärvi Natura area, which is formed by small ponds and lakes where one of the largest red-throated diver populations in Southern Finland nests.

There are two maintained campfire sites on the southeast shore of the lake, but it is good to have your own ax with you.

Nokia nature trail guide (in Finnish)

Koukkujärventie 518, Nokia, Suomi