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Maatialanharju nature trail

The easily accessible Maatialanharju is located east of the center of Nokia on the shores of lake Vihnusjärvi. The approximately five-kilometer-long nature trail starts from the Kennonnokka car park. The path is signposted and the waterlogged shores of lake Vihnusjärvi have duck boards.

The route is easy to navigate, especially at the top of the ridge, but the shores of lake Vihnusjärvi are rocky and rhizome in places. However, you can take a shortcut backwards along an easy-going outdoor route if you wish.

The ridge rises sharply up to 40 meters from the shores of lake Vihnusjärvi and stands out clearly from the landscape. The ridge grows mainly pine and spruce-dominated forests, but Maatialanharju is also famous for keto plants and especially keto fungal species. It is known that the ridge is home to Finland’s first protected area based solely on its fungal species. In the eastern part of the ridge there are moats from the First World War, past which the nature trail also passes.

Virtual trail map (in Finnish)

Nokia nature trail guide (in Finnish)

Kennonnokka, Nokia, Suomi