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Pikseli virtual park

Pikseli virtual park is all about experiences and spending good time, offering virtual reality to break the daily grind! 


Virtual reality is easily accessed and a suitable way for all to have experiences that would not be possible in real life. Pikseli offers games, short films as well as nature experiences. Most of the offerings are designed to be a social thing to be shared best with friends, so remember to bring them along too! 


Pikseli is part of the indoor amusement park Särkänniemi Zones, located in one of the biggest shopping centres in Finland, Ideapark, in Lempäälä, just 15 minutes away from Tampere with plenty of free parking space.


Ideaparkinkatu 4, Lempäälä, Suomi

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Ideaparkinkatu 4, Lempäälä
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Ideaparkinkatu 4, 37570 Lempäälä
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