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Pirkkala muncipality

Pirkkala is a municipality located in Pirkanmaa. Pirkkala is surrounded by lakes, such as Tampere, which is located only ten kilometers away. Pirkkala is Pirkanmaa’s fastest growing municipality and it is known for its multiple archaeological finds from the Stone and Iron Age, wide variety of sports and activities as well as business centers.


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Helvetinjärvi National Park - Summer - Laura Vanzo-23

Adventure Apes

Majoontie 2, Orivesi
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Ahaa Teatteri Betoniviidakko

Ahaa Theatre

Hatanpään valtatie 6, Tampere
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Ahlmanin Kartano

Ahlman Vocational and Adult College

Hallilantie 24, 33820 Tampere
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Ähtäri Panda Visittampere

Ähtäri Zoo

Ähtäri Zoo, Karhunkierros 150, 63700 Ähtäri
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