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Pirulanvuori (Mount Devil’s) tower

In Suodenniemi you can travel to the scenery of the euro coin

The Pirulanvuori observation tower is located in Suodenniemi, right next to the lake landscape immortalized on the back of a Finnish one-euro coin.

The lake line passing the tower is part of the ancient waterway connecting the heartlands of Sastamala and the Gulf of Bothnia, which was still used as a log floating way in the early 20th century. In folk tales, Pirulanvuori was the dwelling place of the devils, in addition to which its steep slope was believed to predict wars with its landslides.

There is a guide to the tower from Laviantie road. The walk from the car park is 250 meters.

Leaflet of Pirulanvuori

Laviantie 600, Sastamala, Suomi
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