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Riuttaskorpi forest area

The Riuttaskorpi forest area is located north of the Kuru – Parkano road (no. 332). Riuttaskorpi is well suited for a half-day and one-day trips. The hike can be continued to the nearby Seitseminen and Helvetinjärvi National Parks.

Matkamiehen jäljillä route consists of two circular loops connected to each other by a connecting path: The Haukijärvi tour, 4 km, is varied in terrain and landscape. The kitchen shelter and yard area on the north shore of Lake Haukijärvi are suitable for prams and wheelchairs. Haukijärvi has an accessible dry toilet. On the Kuttulammi route 3 km, the trail runs mainly in the woods and partly on the driveway. It is recommended to continue the tour to Pitkäkoski, when the length of the tour will be about 6 km.

From the parking area of ​​Myllykangas, you can go directly to the Haukijärvi tour and along the Matkamiehen jäljillä route. The Sotamiehenaho car park is a 2 km walk to the Kuttulammi route. Myllykangas information board can be found in Haukijärvi along Torttilantie and Sotamiehenaho information board can be found in the Pitkäkangas area.

Virtual route map

Riuttaskorven virkistysmetsä, Ylöjärvi, Suomi