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Hiedanranta communal sauna

Hiedanranta communal sauna is currently closed due Covid-19. 

The communal sauna in the Hiedanranta area is open and free for everyone. The sauna fits up to 8 people at a time, and there's also dressing rooms, sun deck and a small stage. The sauna is located at Tehdaskartanokatu 28.

Hiedanranta sauna is a free-of-charge mixed sauna. The dressing room is a mixed space as well. The sauna is open at the same time as the café Kartanokahvila, Mon-Fri at 10-19 and Sat-Sun at 11-19. You can get the key to the sauna from the café. There is no swimming place in Hiedanranta and the water is carried in. Hiedanranta sauna cannot be reserved or rented, everyone is welcome if the sauna is hot.


Watch the video and get to know the place: 


Tehdaskartanonkatu 38, Tampere, Suomi