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Plevna Brewery Pub & Restaurant

Whether you like dark or pale lager, stout or wheat beer, all these tasty beers, and many more, can be enjoyed in the historic surroundings of the Plevna Brewery Pub & Restaurant. Plevna was established in 1994, in the old Finlayson cotton mills, and it is the only genuine brewery pub in Tampere, producing a vast selection of beers made on the premises. Since its opening, Plevna has been one of the most popular meeting places for local people and visitors alike.

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Additional info about the venue

Sijainti 1 km Tampereen rautatieasemalta
Paikan tyyppi kokouspaikka, juhlapaikka, ravintola/kahvila
Pysäköinti P-talo Plevna, Frenckell ja Anttila
Sauna ei
Majoitus ei


P-talo Plevna, Frenckell ja Anttila

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Itäinenkatu 8, Tampere, Finland
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