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Autonomy & Visibility – Modern Dance Evening

Two modern dance shows at Liikelaituri. Tickets 15 €/ 10 € (pensioners, students, artists, unemployed) Deep skin  Choreography: Nadja Pärssinen & workteam Performers: Meeri Lempiäinen, Elina Puukka, Niko Arola, Reija Heinonen. Musicians: Ari Salonen & Moritz Cartheuser Length: 30 minutes In Between - a Light Comedy about Abortion and Euthanasia Performance discusses the ethical and philosophical border lines of humanity through solo dance theater piece. The whole presentation aims to ask: What is a human being? When is a human being? Why is human being? And who decides? The piece includes spoken language in English. Choreography and directing: Fuji Hoffmann On stage: Hanna Kahrola Length: 30 minutes
11.05.2019 19:00-20:30
Yliopistonkatu 58, Tampere