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Gongien yö – Jagaspace GongNight in Tampere

Gong Night is a celebration and sound meditation. The gongs will be played gently throughout the night. Early morning whilst guests sleep/meditate bathed in the healing vibrations of the gongs. In the early morning the gongs will go silent and the meditation will end.

You will be immersed in the sound wave of the gongs and as these vibrations wash over you they give space and opportunity to release tensions, blocks and induce a deep state of relaxation, emerging feeling re-energised. The harmony created by the gong tones brings about an inner stillness where deep healing can occur. Session length is 6-7 h.

GONG - one of the world's oldest instruments, will help You achieve a deep state of relaxation. According to Oriental philosophy, Gongs organic sounds help to get rid of fear and other negative emotions. Gong sounds will clear and balance the brain waves. This will contribute to increasing creativity and multiplies the activity of the immune system.

Price 66 €/person. Sign up by e-mail, be quick, only few more places left!

Enquiries: or +358 400 883715, Ari

Place: Yoga School Ong Namo

20.04.2019-21.04.2019 23:00-08:00
Yliopistonkatu 58, 33100 Tampere