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Nanna Hänninen: How about the future?

How About the Future? Photographic artist Nanna Hänninen addresses the themes of insecurity and otherness as well as climate change.

Photographic artist Nanna Hänninen’s (b. 1973) international career began at the Berlin Art Fair in 2000. Now, 20 years later, Hänninen brings to Serlachius Museum Gösta her retrospective exhibition How about the Future? In her works, she has focused on depicting the individual’s experience in society and has addressed themes such as insecurity and otherness as well as the need for and the impossibility of control. In her recent works, Hänninen has focused on the burning issue of the day: climate change and the choices it brings, which we who are living today must consider. The photographs taken against a black background, both in the safety of the office and in the Mojave Desert, are serious studies of the state of our planet.

Serlachius Museum Gösta 1 February 2020–30 August 2021

The museum is open during winter time from Tue-Sun at 11-18.

31.01.2020-02.02.2020 18:00
Serlachius-museo Gösta, Joenniementie 47, 35800 Mänttä