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CANCELLED Finland International Improv Festival

The event is cancelled year 2020

The Finland International Improv Festival is an annual festival that brings Improvisers from around the world to Tampere, Finland. During the five-day festival, the audience has a chance to see improvised theatre shows performed by improvisers with unique styles and formats. FiiF offers improv workshops for professional and amateur improvisers, as well as beginners.

The FiiF stage not only brings the best improvisers on the planet, but shines a light on teams from communities the world over! With jaw-dropping performances by Global Headliners, Local Favorites, and International Ensembles, the FiiF Stage is a place for everyone. One of our favorite things about FiiF is bringing players of all levels together to learn, rehearse and perform together! FiiF is a place for global improvisers to gather together and have a lot of fun. The atmosphere of FiiF is created to allow everyone network, laugh and play together. From our Ceremonial Sauna Evenings, to nights on the town, FiiF is proud of its community of international improvisers.

Tampereen Ylioppilasteatteri, Itsenäisyydenkatu, Tampere