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Rapola ridge and hill fort

Rapolanharju ridge is located in Valkeakoski, the neighbouring town of Tampere. Rapolanharju is a part of the national landscape of Vanajavesi lake and the historical area of Sääksmäki and Tarttila. In addition to the largest ancient hill fort remains, there are also relics of pre-historical dwellings, burial grounds,  sacrificial stones and an ancient field.  From the ridge, there’s a magnificent view over the Vanajavesi lake as well as the medieval Sääksmäki church, Voipaala mansion and Rapola mansion located nearby. The different elements of the scenery form a unique, layered, cultural entity from the per-historic to the modern times.

There are marked routes around the hill area, depicting a story about all the fascinating pre-historic cultural heritage that the Rapolanharju area offers. The nature trails and ancient routes are 1,6 km and 6 km long. The paths are marked with signposts.

Sääksmäentie 772, Valkeakoski, Finland

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