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Viikinsaari sauna

One of Tampere’s most beautiful saunas is located in Viikinsaari island, in the middle of Lake Pyhäjärvi. The cruise from Laukontori to Viikinsaari island takes only about 20 minutes.

The sauna is located on the southern shore of Viikinsaari, a short walk from the boat pier. Make use of the various facilities of the sauna; a steam room fit for 30 persons on benches, toilets, and separate dressing rooms and showers for men and women. In front of the sauna is a vast open air terrace where you can easily enjoy the sun almost all day long. Straight from the terrace you have access to the new pier and the beach, where you can jump into the lake for a swim. Have a barbecue next to the terrace and try out the smoker as well! The sauna area is surrounded by a fence, to offer privacy for the visitors.

The sauna is open for public on Sundays from 3.6.-5.8.2018 at 14-17.30.