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Niemi-Kapee public smoke sauna

Niemi-Kapee Farm offers a chance to enjoy traditional smoke sauna experience for the public, all year round, a couple of times a month.

Niemi-Kapee Smoke sauna was built just like the ones in the 19th century. There's room for up to 20 people on one go, and from the sauna you can take a dip into the lovely Näsijärvi lake. 

Made from massive logs, the sauna building includes the smoke sauna, wash room, two showers, cloak / fireplace room, a big sitting room, a kitchen and two indoor toilets. Snacks are available. 

For more information and bookings, visit our website or call us.

13.09.2020 15:00-20:30
27.09.2020 15:00-20:30
11.10.2020 15:00-20:30
01.11.2020 15:00-20:30
15.11.2020 15:00-20:30
29.11.2020 15:00-20:30
13.12.2020 15:00-20:30