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Ostia, Gateway to Rome

On November 1st, Vapriikki will open a new exhibition introducing the bustling life of Ostia, the ancient port city of Rome. Museum guests will walk the streets and alleys of Ostia, where the riverboats to Rome are loaded, and where the locals trade, worship the gods, visit the spa, and spend time at the tavern.

On display are objects relating to the city and everyday life within it: statues, amphorae, money, gaming chips, toys, jewelry, and objects associated with beauty care, school, and slavery. Younger visitors can take part in the hunt for Fortuna’s lost treasure chest.

The exhibition is on display 1.11.2019—10.5.2020



31.10.2019 18:00-21:00
01.11.2019 10:00-18:00
Vapriikki, Alaverstaanraitti, Tampere