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Outdoor Skills Launch

Hello Tampere foreigners looking to tap into the spirit of the Finnish woods!

Here's a unique chance to find your inner forest dweller: 20 places available for a 50 percent discount!

Step bravely into our ancestral home amongst the pines and learn the outdoor skills that will make you see more than just a forest! In this course you can reconnect with nature like never before through traditional wilderness skills and gain confidence for your time outdoors. This we do by bending our ways to nature rather than pitching ourselves against it.

In this day's course, under the safe and professional guidance of a wilderness guide and in a relaxed environment, we will learn a variety of skills such as:

- proper clothing for wilderness conditions

- orienteering with a map and compass as well as through natural navigation

- safe knife and axe use

- fire making with natural materials

- setting up our camp

- tracking

- nature knowledge

- cooking over an open fire

Guiding also available in French, German and Russian. English is our common working language.
Please bring weather-appropriate clothing, footwear and a water bottle. Participants must have a valid insurance.

Pricing : 80€/person, students 60 €/person. Organizers: Elämyspalvelut Nostalgia and Boreal Quest.

14.04.2019 11:00-18:00
Elämyspalvelut Nostalgia, Teiskon kirkkotie, Tampere