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Swanlake – The Russian National Ballet Moskow

An adventurous action, beautiful costumes, compelling music and dance, delivered by skilled ballet dancers from Russia. It is the Swan Lake that we love it. With the music of the Swan Lake, Tchaikovsky in 1877 excited both the ballet audience and the classical music lovers. Russian ballet, and above all the Swan Lake, is characterized by letting emotions come to terms without wasting a single word, step or tone. In the classical staging, music and dance become common to one language, which everyone immediately understands.

The Russian National Ball from Moscow has soloists from the Moscow Bolshoi Ballet, and has had great international success. With over 30 dancers on stage, you will experience a beautiful setting of the Swan Lake, as it was originally thought. A setup that has secured the ballet’s popularity 140 years after the premiere in Moscow.

Behind the company is former Bolshoi dancer Sergei Radchenko together with Elena Radchenko – also a soloist from Bolshoi and from Kirov, where the “Swan Lake” originally originated. They tour the world diligently with the company

16.03.2020 19:00-21:00
Tampere-talo, Yliopistonkatu, Tampere