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Tampere Christmas Market

Tampere Christmas Market - season's atmosphere in the middle of the city

The Central Square Keskustori in Tampere will turn into a Christmas village, full of scents and feeling, unique artisan products and the genuine Christmas spirit.


Quality Finnish handirafts

The artisan vendors at the Christmas Market offer a selection of high-quality utensils, ornaments, jewellery, presents and toys. There are also products made to meet the customers' wishes as well as various gift ideas to choose the perfect presents from.


Cafés full of Christmas spirit

The mulled wine café has found its place as a meeting place for all those in search of the season's feeling. It was expanded last year, and the Munkkikahvila offering the world famous doughnuts will be open again at the Christmas Market.


Come and enjoy the Christmas feeling, scents, flavours and atmosphere daily from 11 am to 7 pm starting from December 4 and closing on December 22 .

04.12.2021-22.12.2021 11:00-19:00
Keskustori, Tampere