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Tampere Jazz Happening

The Tampere Jazz Happening will be organized for the 39th time 29.10-1.11.2020.

With these prospects, the Tampere Jazz Happening will be held according to the original plan from 29 October to 1 November 2020. The theme of the festival is Made in Finland, ie for the first time all performers arrive from within the borders of our country. The program will be published on October 1, when the sale of advance tickets will also begin. Thursday's Spotlight is the opening concert for Tampere, which will move from Klubi to Pakkahuone, and the closing concert for Sunday at Telakka is, as usual, free.

In 1982 Tampere Jazz Happening was organized for the first time and ever since it has been a part of the spectrum of cultural events in Tampere every year. Since 1990 the festival has been produced by Tampere Music Festivals which is a part of the Cultural Affairs of the City of Tampere. The Happening brings together the most interesting artists of modern jazz from Finland and from abroad.

29.10.2020 19:00-23:00
30.10.2020 19:00-23:30
31.10.2020 15:00-23:30
01.11.2020 15:00-22:00