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EGS – History is Made at Night

EGS “History is made at night”
Himmelblau Gallery, Tampere, Finland

In the darkness of the night, things are done that leave a mark on history. Many revolutions, daring dreams, and desperate mistakes have begun in the nocturnal hours. As the morning dawns, the world appears in a new light. Many EGS artworks have also been created at night.

Gallery Himmelblau's “History is made at night” in Tampere is the first solo exhibition in Finland since the success of Helsinki Kunsthalle 2018.

EGS has been working with Himmelblau Printmaking for last 12 months. ” History is made at night” exhibition includes glass sculptures, paintings, prints and installations. Most of the works are on display for the first time.

07.09.2019 12:00-16:00
Grafiikanpaja Himmelblau Oy, Finlaysoninkuja, Tampere