Kielo Kärkkäinen & M/S Tripolar - Visit Tampere

Kielo Kärkkäinen & M/S Tripolar

Galleria Rajatila hosts a night of new music from Tampere: Instrumental jazz by M/S Tripolar and Kielo Kärkkäinen with her band performing songs from her upcoming album Jatkumo.

7 pm M/S Tripolar

8 pm Kielo Kärkkäinen & Jatkumo

Kielo Kärkkäinen will release her second album in the autumn of 2019. Jatkumo is an album about struggling and how to come to terms with the fear of destruction whilst longing for continuity. The album explores the will to find a connection with oneself and others, to live through storms and to dare to trust. The songs are folk songs sung in Finnish and performed by a magical circle of a singer, two guitarists and a tenor saxophonist.

Free entry, welcome!

14.03.2019 19:00-21:00
Galleria Rajatila, Hämeenpuisto, Tampere