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Midsummer in Viikinsaari Island

Come and experience Finnish Midsummer with sauna, swimming, dancing and bonfire in Viikinsaari island. Online tickets:Midsummer's eve 25 €/adult, 10 €/child 3–12y Midsummer's day 12 €/adult, 7 €/child 3-12yTickets bought from Laukontori ticket office or from the ship + 2 € / ticket.Sauna is included in return ticket. Brunch is served in restaurant Viikinsaari 27 €/adult, 13,50 € child 3-12y.Program on Midsummer's eve: – sauna at 14-19 (boat ticket needed) – brunch at 12-16 – from 4 pm they sell food outside – Midsummer ball from 8 pm – bonfire at 21 (weather permitting)Program on Midsummer's day:– brunch at 13-17 (also a la carte) – sauna at 14-18 (boat ticket needed)Boats from Laukontori:On Friday 21.6. at 10-01.30, on Saturday 22.6. at 12-21.30. (The boats leave from Laukontori bay starting at 10.00, continuing on the hour, every hour)
Viikinsaari, Tampere