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OFF Tampere: Circus Ruska Festival – Simon Llewellyn: We are the champions

Circus Ruska Festival - Simon Llewellyn: We are the champions.

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, witness the antics of this charming, charismatic buffoon. Simon Llewellyn will be pushed to his physical limits, all for the admiration of his audience.

Watch as Simon's unique powers of physical dexterity and stupidity transforms the streets of Tampere into his very own vaudevillian circus. Flowerpots will fly, balloons will pop, and the Olympics are honoured. All this leads up to the Grande Finale of his world famous football juggling performance. Witness footballs tossed high into the air, spun delicately on his fingers and bounced precisely around the entire body. Come and join the crowd, sing along, wave your hands, and hug your fellow teammates! If all things go well, medals and trophies will be presented. Either way confetti will surely fly and the audience has the chance to become the true champion.

Simon Llewellyn has performed for over 25 years in over 20 countries, from the royals of England and cabaret audiences of Europe to the children in refugee camps in Jordan. No venue too small, no audience too big!

The performance is great for foreign viewers and it's free of charge!

Age recommendation 4+

Performances: Thu 8.8. at 5 pm and 6 pm, Fri 9.8. at 5 pm and 6 pm0, sat 10.8. at 2 pm and 4pm.

08.08.2019 17:00-17:30
08.08.2019 18:00-18:30
09.08.2019 17:00-17:30
09.08.2019 18:00-18:30
10.08.2019 14:00-14:30
10.08.2019 16:00-16:30