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Pirkanmaan Pride

Pirkanmaa Pride is a part of a global pride events which celebrate gender diversity and the joy of oneselfs sexual orientation. The purpose of Pirkanmaa Pride is to emphasize how important it is to feel comfortable in ones own skin, embrace love in all it’s forms and off course to celebrate everyones individual experience of their gender. Pride is an established event for sexual- and gender minorities, and it highlights everyones right to be proudly who they are. This summer is the sixth time that Pirkanmaa Pride is organized. Pride week will offer literature, dance, burlesque, food culture, events for children and families, picnic, and offcourse a grand opening with the appropriate festivities. Pride week will culminate to a spectacular Pride parade, and lets not forget the frenzied pride party. The culmination of Pirkanmaa Pride week is the pride parade and festivities at Laikunlava 15.06.2019 Gathering for the parade starts at Ratina square at 14.30 and by 15.00 we will start making our way towards Laikunlava and its festivities. Parade route is as follows: Vuolteenkatu sidewalk – Tampereen valtatie sidewalk – Ratinanrinne – Laukonsilta – Laukontori – Aleksis Kiven katu – Aleksis Kiven katu sidewalk – Keskustori (Central square) – Laikunlava Good will parade celebrates everyones equal rights. At Laikunlava we get to enjoy ia. skillful music shows, entertaining dance performances and creative word art. Culture house Laikku is open during the festivities for coffee and snacks.