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St. Patrick’s Day Party

The biggest party of the year is here!

St. Patrick’s Day is the day that all the Irish, all the Irish-minded and, in general, anyone who likes to have a bit of fun gather together in the best Irish Bar in town to celebrate the favorite saint of Ireland, who got rid of all the snakes!
BAND OF SHYSTERS will be playing some sweet Irish tunes live on the Magners stage in the evening!
There will be some great discounts on all things Irish…
In the evening we will also be celebrating with some free cake!
Traditionally the celebrations include wrapping yourself in green garments, wearing silly hats (provided by the bar - very limited amount), drinking anything green and a whole lot of Guinness and Magners!! Not to mention all the other fun activities and the best company! The best costume wins a prize!

Be there and be green!


17.03.2020 13:00
O'Connels, Rautatienkatu 24, 33100 Tampere