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Tampere Theatre Festival: Marat / Sade

A group of inmates of Charenton Asylum are staging a play while the work’s overseer, the Marquis de Sade, a patient himself, is engaging in conversations with the subject at hand, the late Jean-Paul Marat, the assassinated hero of the French Revolution.

In this rendition of Peter Weiss’s revered German play, three Swedish-speaking Finnish theatres join forces with theatre powerhouse and Finlandia Prize winning author, director Juha Hurme. Together they twist and turn the original to produce new shapes out of a sharp, funny and shocking work that ingeniously maneuvers itself between individualism and politics while pondering the alternatives of total control and complete anarchy.

Performed in Swedish, subtitled in Finnish and English.

You can find the main programme of Tampere Theatre Festival in English here:

10.08.2019 19:00-21:20
11.08.2019 12:30-14:50