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Finnish unisex avant-garde fashion brand based in Tampere.

LAURIJARVINENSTUDIO is a nordic minimalistic brand with a twist. LAURIJARVINENSTUDIO loves using black, as it is timeless and strong color. Brands signature forms are sharp, flowy and with avant-garde aesthetics. LAURIJARVINENSTUDIO has his own style and own vision; brand wants to offer people timeless, good quality designs with edginess. Designer wants to make avant-garde fashion for individual customers with unique vision. All of the LAURIJARVINENSTUDIO’s products don’t see gender, age or sexual orientation.

LAURIJARVINENSTUDIO value proposition is to deliver locally made beautiful, timeless, long-lasting garments with responsibility. Designer wants to fight against the fast fashion and offer good quality garments to his target customer.

LAURIJARVINENSTUDIO is an ethical and ecological unisex clothing collection based in Tampere. Minimalistic and avant-garde styled collections base is black color, locally made, and versatile products. The brand wants to make sure that every product is made ethically and durable. The collection is based on producing clothes and accessories that last from generation to generation.

Every product of LAURIJARVINENSTUDIO is made in Finland. We want to make sure we can stand behind every product so we know who’s behind the stitching. The brand’s products are made from materials produced within the eu area and sewn in Tampere. Our credit sewer Sari Huhtala (clothing composer Sarinka) manufactures LAURIJARVINENSTUDIO products about one kilometer from our own studio.

Aleksanterinkatu 30, Tampere, Suomi