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Ambiente – Timo Sarpaneva’s fabrics

Timo Sarpaneva (1926–2006) was an influential Finnish designer, sculptor, and educator best known in the art world for innovative work in glass, which often merged attributes of display art objects with utilitarian designations. While glass remained his most commonly addressed medium, he worked with metal, wood, textiles, and porcelain (china).

His radical, painterly Ambiente series designed for a linen division of Tampella in the mid-1960s brought robotization to cloth pattern production.

The production was based on an invention Sarpaneva made when visiting a manufacturer of packaging paper, where the printing press was malfunctioning so that the colors mixed and bled on the paper. Sarpaneva thought that achieving the same effect intentionally on cloth would create a varying, fluid pattern where the exact same pattern would never be repeated.

Exhibition is open at Museum Milavida 12.4.-2.2.2020.

12.04.2019 11:00-18:00
Museo Milavida, Milavidanrinne, Tampere