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Blind Spot Exhibition

TAMK's Fine Arts class of 2015 is proud to present their degree show, Blind Spot!

The exhibition features the works of students from various backgrounds, and naturally covers a great variety of themes.

The works in Blind Spot aim to look beyond commercialism, semantics and hype, and stay true to their creators. With media ranging from painting to multimedia installation, and themes investigating sensory bliss to social-economic issues and 21st century existential dread, you can be sure to leave with a sense of hope - and not least of all, aesthetic and poetic satisfaction.

Exhibition is open between the 4th and 28th of April at Graphics Workshop and Gallery Himmelblau.

05.04.2019 11:00-17:00
Grafiikanpaja Himmelblau Oy, Finlaysoninkuja, Tampere