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Club ALT: John Westmoreland


A musician born and raised in North Carolina, John Westmoreland has been performing professionally for over a decade. As a solo performer and songwriter John plays his own original songs, as well as unique arrangements of popular music and folk music.

His musical style combines elements of Folk, World Music, Jazz, Blues, and Classical into an organic and rich tapestry of sound. Outside of traditional performance contexts, John has a passion for exploring how music can facilitate deep relaxation and healing. He regularly provides music for yoga classes and meditation, relaxation music sessions for people with Alzheimers and Dementia.

John formed a new group called WESTMORELAND, a band that features an eclectic line up of seasoned musicians. The group performs the original music written by John featured on the forthcoming album "Cast Fire." Currently John is also embarking on a new project to revive the music and poetry of "T-Bone Slim" the legendary hobo songwriter and poet whose songs were an inspiration for the Surrealist Movement and the Civil Rights Movement.

Showtime at 9 pm


02.08.2019 21:00-23:00
O'Connell's, Rautatienkatu, Tampere