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Global Service Jam

The world´s biggest design focused innovation event now also in Tampere! Service Jam is an collaborative event for people who are interested in service design – creative and design-based approach to problem solving. The purpose of the event is to encourage people with different backgrounds to innovate and experimentate together.

Are you already an experienced designer? Are you completely new in the service design field? Or just interested in problem solving, innovating or design thinking? Either or, the Service Jam Tampere is for you! The weekend is all about learning more about design thinking and meeting lots of interesting people while working hard for the solution that may have real business potential. Your work and thoughts will be reviewed by other people and presented to the world where potential customer or employers can see them in real. In any case you’ll have a fun and get to know people with same interests.

Registration will open on the first week of March. More information and 

20.03.2020 17:00-21:00
21.03.2020 09:00-21:00
22.03.2020 09:00-17:00
Toinen Toimisto, Finlaysoninkuja 3, Tampere