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Näsijärvi Steamboat Regatta

The Steamboat Regatta is organized on August 31st in Mustalahti harbour. At the same time, the event is the 90th anniversary of s/s Näsijärvi II. The event is part of Tampere Lakeland Festival.

at 11.30 The opening of the event with a brass band

at 12.00 Open doors on steamships in the harbour - check out the ships!

Cruises on s/s Näsijärvi II (10 euros per person) at 13.30–14.15 and at 14.30–15.15 (

at 15.15-15.30 The Steamboat Regatta will sail towards Maisansalo, you can see it well e.g. from Särkänniemi's beach terrace (Rantaterassi)

around 16.00 The ships arrive in the harbour, followed by whistle of the steamboats

Open doors until 17.00.

31.08.2019 11:30-22:00
Mustalahti, Tampere