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Once upon a time, in this place

Johanna Lecklin’s exhibition addresses a painful episode in Finland’s history, the Civil War, and examines the possible effects and aftermath of the events of 1918.

She searches in history for stories and events that can also help us explain the present day. For the exhibition, she used Serlachius Museums’ archive material on the Civil War and photographed views of Mänttä for the series of photographs Once upon a time, in this location.

In the moving image installation Not only about passion, two stories run side by side. Two girls ponder on the Civil War as they play the board game Battle of the Reds and Whites in Finland 1918. A researcher examines the fate of Red women and children at the time of the Civil War, the division of society and the dehumanisation of the enemy. The events of the work are set in the present day.

Exhibition is on display 23 Feb 2019–16 Feb 2020 at Serlachius Museum Gustaf

23.02.2019-24.02.2019 11:00-18:00