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Sounds of Changes exhibition

Muutoksen äänet - Sounds of Changes exhibition explores the soundscape of Finland in 2018. The exhibition is based on documentary work conducted by the Labour Museum Werstas under the international “Sounds of Changes” project. The exhibition features a soundscape collage composed of various audio recordings collected during 2018. The exhibition is an acoustic journey that begins in the Finnish countryside and takes the visitor to town squares, public events, workplaces and recreational settings. The journey will also introduce you to the soundscapes of the past where you can hear the hammering of a blacksmith and the twanging of a Finnish zither. See also the project site: Sounds of Changes. The exhibition is on display 18.5.-25.8.2019.
18.05.2019 16:00-18:00
Työväenmuseo Werstas, Väinö Linnan aukio, Tampere